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Inspiring Journeys, Purpose-Driven Leadership Styles & Self-Mastery Strategies To

Advance, Empower & Upskill Women In Leadership, Propel Careers Forward & Power Organisational Change

Our Tailored & Targeted Programme Includes: Empowerment, Resilience & Progression • Balancing Professional Vs. Home Life • Purpose-Driven Leadership • The Power Of Mentorship & Personal Branding • Breaking Barriers & Sharing Real-Word Lessons Learned • From Imposter To Owning The Room • Leadership Journeys & Styles • Upskilling, Mindset & Attitudes • CEO: My Journey

08:30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

Registration will begin from 8:30am and you will have access to the exhibition room for networking and refreshments.

09:00 Morning Co-Chairs' Opening Remarks

Tracy Watkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Finance Function, NatWest Group

Vera Hazelwood, Director Data Science Collaborative Programmes, AstraZeneca


Power Career Progression, Maximise Your Full Potential & Strengthen Resilience With High-Impact Strategies Which Drive Authentic & Confident Leadership Styles

  • Practical confidence-building techniques, embrace your own inherent skills and mitigate fears of limited opportunities and trajectories to shatter your own glass ceiling and smash your leadership goals
  • We have a voice at the table but is it authentic? Nurture empowerment techniques that embrace your talents, achievements, and traits to fuel career progression that works for you
  • The future is female! Develop new strategies to take ownership of personalised leadership styles and approaches which enhance your careers whilst influencing and empowering the next generation to secure leadership gender equity in years to come
  • Awareness is important, action is essential! Gain critical insights into the best strategies and methodologies to grow, develop and ensure your teams are empowered, diverse and high-performing with next-level leadership


Nicola Watson, Finance Director, Müller Milk & Ingredients


Unrealistic Expectations, Increased Pressures, Toxic Stereotypes & Gender Biases… We Have To Tackle Them All! Advocate Balance & Set The Tone Of Empowerment In Order To Thrive In Leadership Positions, Fulfil Potential & Continue To Secure Unlimited Career Growth

  • “Less committed”, “less focused” and “less dependable”… we’ve heard them all. Challenge toxicity and promote authentic leadership styles where you can balance work, family, energy and responsibilities effectively
  • Drive forward a cultural shift that facilitates a healthy work-life balance for working parents to avoid leadership attrition and career sacrifices
  • Build supportive and nurturing company networks that drive forward flexible work arrangements and support career progression while managing parental responsibilities
  • How can you as a woman protect yourself as a leader and a manager? How can you balance the individual needs of your team members and still build a great flexible team?


Sally Loughlin, Vice President & Head of Consumer Science, Mondelēz International

09:50 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - WANT TO GET INVOLVED?

Can You Help Cross-Sector Senior Professionals Cultivate Innovative Strategies To Advance Women’s Careers & Leadership Journeys?

Find more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3749 2299 or email

10:20 ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION - Practical Skills Workshop

Take Home Tools To Implement!

Danielle D'Lima, Vice President Operations, Depop

10:45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Morning refreshments will be served in the exhibition room from 10:45am until 11:15am, allowing for 30 mins of informal networking.


Showcase Impactful & Purpose-Driven Leadership Tailored To Your Individual Expertise & Style Which Empowers Teams, Drives Organisational Change & Maximises Performance

  • One leadership model will not fit all! Cultivate a more people-centric leadership approach that engages and inspires all members of your team whilst developing your tailor-made leadership style
  • Stay competitive and secure development opportunities by maximising, upskilling or reskilling programs which showcase your leadership, resilience, and determination for continued career progression 
  • Being a responsible ecosystem player - acknowledge your organisation’s role in a more sustainable future and incorporate these ideals into your leadership approach
  • Drive meaningful change with leadership styles which inspire your team to cultivate an inclusive and collaborative workforce as well as enhance your own leadership skills


Roshini Johri, Head of ESG Analytics, HSBC

11:55 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - WANT TO GET INVOLVED?

Can You Help Cross-Sector Senior Professionals Cultivate Innovative Strategies To Advance Women’s Careers & Leadership Journeys?

Find more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3749 2299 or email


Level-Up, Tackle Misconceptions, Defy Stereotypes & Push Boundaries To Empower Self-Mastery, Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling & Equip Organisations To Make Critical Organisational Changes

  • Debate, discuss and share with our panel of inspirational female leaders to share barriers faced across leadership journeys and critical lessons learned
  • Build upon critical leadership skills, overcome barriers and challenges, and advocate for yourself and others to shatter glass ceilings and hit your career goals
  • Fixing the broken rung! What further strides can organisations take to create a compassionate team that challenges micro-aggressions, discrimination, and cultivates an environment where all women can lead confidently?
  • A spotlight on diversity at the top: does your wider team and company really understand all women and how intersecting aspects of a woman’s identity impacts their journey to the top?
  • How can teams remove misconceptions around what it means to lead to give all women the opportunity to change and propel career direction?


Kate Moughtin, People Director, Hiscox

Nadia Ness, Executive Director of Transformation, University of Glasgow

Emma Mansfield, Operational Resilience Director, Lloyds Banking Group

Sarah Watson, Director of Finance & Technology, Make-A-Wish UK

Daljit Kalirai, Sales & Partnerships Director, National Express LTD

12:55 Lunch & Informal Networking + Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Parental Leave

Rajmeet Bhatti, Head of Business Management, M&G plc

B) Career Breaks

C) Women’s Health & Menopause

D) Diverse & Inclusive Leadership Structures

14:00 Afternoon Chair's Opening Remarks

Kerri Mills, Chief Operating Officer, Shell Energy


Overcome Self-Doubt, Dismantle Toxic Working Cultures & Take Tangible Steps To Tackle Imposter Syndrome For Empowered Leaders & Next-Level Career Growth

  • Organisational change must come first: break down working environments that value overworking and individualism for motivated teams and supportive work cultures that allow women to flourish and excel
  • Identify signs of imposter syndrome for yourself, and your team, to tackle and reverse self-doubt, rediscover your power, and shape the journey of female careers
  • Imposter syndrome… the career killer! Tangible steps to tackle imposter syndrome, thrive in an underrepresented room, and drive career aspirations


Kirsten Lightfoot, Head of Talent & Development, Tandem Bank


Our Expert Panel Will Share Empowering Stories On Their Journeys, Ways To Develop Next-Level Leadership Skills & How You Can Determine Your Personal Leadership Style With Confidence & Authenticity To Power Your Next Steps As An Inspiring Leader

  • It all starts with storytelling: hear stories from trailblazing female leaders and gain invaluable insights into navigating the twists and turns of successful leadership
  • Deep dive into inspirational journeys to the exec level and c-suite to feel empowered to navigate and break down gender bias and stereotypes to take that next step
  • What does the future look like for female leadership and what strides can both organisations and individuals take to fuel increased and inclusive female leadership journeys?


Lindsay Haselhurst, Chief Operating Officer, Currys plc

Aubrey HB, PhD, Director of Analytics, Nationwide Building Society

Rachel Jones, Chief Information Officer, HM Revenue & Customs

Natalie Deacon, Director Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Natura &Co

Tina Koehler, VP Global Consumer & Marketing, Deliveroo

Georgie White, Director of Customer Experience & Insight, Holland & Barrett

15:00 UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT MENOPAUSE: balance-app Case Study

Gaele Lalahy, Chief Operating Officer, balance-app


Take Home Tools To Implement!

15:45 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - WANT TO GET INVOLVED?

Can You Help Cross-Sector Senior Professionals Cultivate Innovative Strategies To Advance Women’s Careers & Leadership Journeys?

Find more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3749 2299 or email

16:05 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Afternoon refreshments will be served in the exhibition room from 16:05am until 16:35am, allowing for 30 mins of informal networking.

16:35 UPSKILLING, MINDSETS & ATTITUDES - Self-Mastery & Self-Awareness

Master Upskilling, Embrace Your Strengths & Harness The Power Of Mindset To Add Value To Your Skillset & Maximise Key Personal Growth

  • Fuel a mindset shift of what it means to be a ‘good leader’… recognise and champion a diversity of approaches and styles of leadership to cultivate a well-rounded team to get ahead of the game (and the competition!)
  • Virtual learning, mentorship programs, industry-specific workshops… explore self-growth and upskilling opportunities to nurture your personal brand, refine your management style, and ultimately fuel your leadership prospects
  • Equip yourself with effective conflict resolution tools and methods to navigate challenging situations and inspire collaborative and resilient leadership


Kate Vacovec, CFO, Pizza Hut


Emma Heathcote-James, Founder & Director, Little Soap Company

17:15 CEO: MY JOURNEY - Rountable

Powerful Women, Powerful Stories: Uncover First-Hand Experiences, Lessons Learned & Insights Into Their Journeys To CEO

  • Your critical questions, answered! This unique roundtable experience will bring together female business owners from across the UK to discuss their journey to C-suite. Gain critical insight into building networks, growing leadership skills, and taking positive steps towards gender balance for the future


Beccy Speight , Chief Executive Officer, RSPB

Angela Cretu, Chief Executive Officer, Avon

17:45 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Kerri Mills, Chief Operating Officer, Shell Energy